Trash is My Treasure

from by Hullabaloo

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The triumphant anthem of a food-recycling seagull! It always used to make me sad to see seagulls eating human food out of trashcans. When I met the seagull in this song I changed my mind forever.


Some seagulls find their food out at sea
Some seagulls eat like seagulls like me

I stole a trashcan lunch from the high school campus
It was about as good of a lunch as a seagull can get
There were bean and cheese burritos and a half a bag of Cheetos
And I didn’t even have to get my feathers wet
No, I didn’t even get a single feather wet

Waste not, want not, you can give me all you got
I’m better than your trash man at emptying your trashcan
It would be my pleasure sir, you’re trash is my treasure,
You’re trash is my treasure, it tickles my feathers

For dinner there’s a dumpster out behind the fish market
Today is the day that they filet the fish
There are eyeballs and scales, fishy guts and tails
It takes a bite of each to make my favorite dish
Come on and take a bite of each and try my favorite dish

My mother doesn’t like the fact that I’m a food recycler
My chosen profession is the cause of lots of strife for her
I like the challenge, I can’t stand the waste
I like the way that free food tastes
I just dig the way that free food tastes

I’ve been called a dirty dumpster diver
But I prefer the term, seagull survivor
I’m a seagull survivor


from Raise a Ruckus, released September 4, 2012



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Hullabaloo San Diego, California

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