Raise a Ruckus

by Hullabaloo

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For your consideration in the 55th Grammy Awards. Best Children's Album.

Raise a Ruckus is the tenth album by the award-winning kid-folk duo, Hullabaloo. Produced by, Tor Hyams, it features special guest artists, Grammy Award winner Buck Howdy, Grammy Award Winner Marcy Marxer and guest vocalist Molly Ledford of Lunch Money.


released September 4, 2012



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Hullabaloo San Diego, California

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Track Name: My Eyes
I can hear the first bird chirping
The sun’s about to rise up over the lake
I’m counting sheep but it’s not working
It’s not working and I’m wide awake, I’m wide awake

My eyes, my eyes, my eyes are wide open
My eyes, they’re open just as wide as they go
My eyes, my eyes, my eyes are wide open
I want to see everything that this world’s got to show
I want to see everything this great big world’s got to show

The sun is shining, it’s all so stunning
The whole world’s out there waiting for me
I fly down the stairs and I hit the ground running
I hit the ground running ‘cause there’s so much to see, so much to see

I want to see a blue whale splashing
I want to see white snowflakes fall
I want to see a red fox dashing
I keep my eyes open so I see them all, I see them all

The house is quiet, I can hear my heart beating
That big yellow sun has long since set
I know darn well I should be sleeping
I should be sleeping but it hasn’t happened yet, hasn’t happened yet
Track Name: Raise a Ruckus
There’s a party tonight and I can’t wait
Raise a ruckus tonight
Better warn the neighbors ‘cause it’s gonna get late
Raise a ruckus tonight

Even better yet invite them to come
Raise a ruckus tonight
I’m baking a cake and they can all have some
Raise a ruckus tonight

Get on board little children, get on board
While the moon is shining bright
Get on the boat, down that river float
We’re gonna raise a ruckus tonight

I’m gonna stomp my feet and clap my hands
Gonna dance all night to a kid-folk band

When they fire up the fiddle and kick up the bass
People gonna dance all over this place

We’re gonna swim in the river when the sun goes down
Then we’ll get on the boat and we’ll float into town

We’ll hoot and we’ll holler up and down Main Street
In our wet bathing suits and our cold bare feet
Track Name: Look at You
Hey, hey look at me
I can swing like a chimpanzee
Hey, hey look at you
You can swing like a chimpanzee too

A chimpanzee is like a monkey
It’s got those big long arms for swinging through the trees
Hey, hey look at you
You can swing like a chimpanzee too

Hey, hey look at me
I can buzz like a bumblebee
Hey, hey look at you
You can buzz like a bumblebee too

I buzz and I buzz hour after hour
All around the garden to every single flower

Hey, hey look at me
I can howl like a coyote
Hey, hey look at you
You can howl like a coyote too

A coyote’s the kind of canine to be
It runs through the hills so wild and free

Hey, hey look at me
I can bounce like wallaby
Hey, hey look at you
You can bounce like a wallaby too

A wallaby is like a joey
And that’s a kangaroo that’s still a baby
Track Name: Dad Upside Down
S-I-S spells sis
Sis spelled backwards still spells sis
Listen here mister, you’re talking about my backwards sister
Sis spelled backwards still spells sis

S-I-S upside down still spells sis
That’s right sis upside down still spells sis
She’s standing on her head and her face is turning red
But sis upside down still spells sis

M-O-M spells mom
Mom spelled backwards still spells mom
All us kids disperse when our mom is in reverse
But mom spelled backwards still spells mom

M-O-M upside down spells wow
That’s right mom upside down spells wow
Be careful not to hurt her, when you go to invert her
Turn your mom upside down and she’ll say wow

D-A-D spells dad
Dad spelled backwards still spells dad
It’s really not so bad to have a backwards dad
Dad spelled backwards still spells dad

D-A-D upside down is just a mess
Dad upside down is just a mess
Don’t turn him upside down unless you want to see him frown
Dad upside down is just a mess
Track Name: Say Yes
It was raining and my mother wouldn’t let me go outside
So I flopped down on the floor and I yelled and screamed and cried
She said son, I really wish that you would use your words instead
So I took a deep breath, and then this is what I said

This current kerfuffle’s caused us both undue distress
Please accept this mea culpa for my contentiousness
It would cause me great elation if you’d kindly acquiesce
In other words Mother won’t you please, please, please say yes

Mom just laughed and had me say it all again
Then she went and sent the video to all her Facebook friends
When she logged off the computer though, I finally got my way
We spent the day outside and this was all I had to say

I have to admit it was valid point she had
It’s hard to hear somebody when they’re screaming like mad
So next time you’re upset and you want to be heard
Take a deep breath and say these magic words

Though my theory is untested, I believe one day
Kids could rule the world if we’d all just learn to say
Track Name: Out Standing
I woke up to the sound of the raindrops falling down
And the kind of wind that chills you to the core
I knew right away it was my kind of day
I put my jacket on and walked right out the door

It’s raining, it’s pouring, sitting inside is boring
But I don’t have the time to just sit here and complain
I’m heading outside instead to let rain fall on my head
Good weather notwithstanding, I will be out standing
I will be out standing in the rain

Cold air in my lungs and raindrops on my tongue
Soggy tennis shoes on my feet
I’m out here on the run, having way too much fun
Finding every single puddle on this street

Pull a big fuzzy blanket up to your chin
Snuggle down deep don’t let the cold air in
I’ll leave you to your cocoa and your cozy fireplace
Because I prefer the winter wind and raindrops on my face

Well the forecasters say this storm could last for days
I’m prepared to soak every drop
If it rains for a year, I will still be standing here
Hoping that it’s never gonna stop
Track Name: Favorite Day
That little one is me, that big one’s my Dad
On the best day of surfing that we ever had
We were catching those waves like we had them on a string

That pretty one’s my mom and that’s my sister Julianne
They’re with us at the beach building castles in the sand
It’s all picture perfect I wouldn’t change a thing

I’ve got my blues, I got my reds and my greens
I painted you this picture of this perfect scene
I painted you this picture I call it my favorite day

Those are seagulls there, they’re begging for our lunch
I can still hear those potato chips crunch
As they’d catch them, as we threw them up, up, up, up into the air

When the chips were all gone our new friends flew away
They were flapping their wings and hoping that they
Would find someone new with a tuna fish sandwich to share

That smudge there is where I dropped the brush
I just got too excited and I started to rush
I tried to wipe it clean but it made a big brown blob

I thought and I thought and I thought for a while
When it came to me I couldn’t help but smile
I gave that smudge legs and now it’s our family dog
Track Name: Trash is My Treasure
Some seagulls find their food out at sea
Some seagulls eat like seagulls like me

I stole a trashcan lunch from the high school campus
It was about as good of a lunch as a seagull can get
There were bean and cheese burritos and a half a bag of Cheetos
And I didn’t even have to get my feathers wet
No, I didn’t even get a single feather wet

Waste not, want not, you can give me all you got
I’m better than your trash man at emptying your trashcan
It would be my pleasure sir, you’re trash is my treasure,
You’re trash is my treasure, it tickles my feathers

For dinner there’s a dumpster out behind the fish market
Today is the day that they filet the fish
There are eyeballs and scales, fishy guts and tails
It takes a bite of each to make my favorite dish
Come on and take a bite of each and try my favorite dish

My mother doesn’t like the fact that I’m a food recycler
My chosen profession is the cause of lots of strife for her
I like the challenge, I can’t stand the waste
I like the way that free food tastes
I just dig the way that free food tastes

I’ve been called a dirty dumpster diver
But I prefer the term, seagull survivor
I’m a seagull survivor
Track Name: Green Beans Everywhere
Last night for dinner, my mother made green beans
I thought they were the grossest, green things I’d ever seen
But she said no dessert until your beans are done
So when she wasn’t looking I hid every single one

There are green beans in my pocket, there are green beans on the floor
There are green beans in my milk and green beans behind the door
There are green beans in my shoes and socks and in my sister’s hair
Please don’t tell my mom that I hid green beans everywhere

I went to bed a little sad, knowing that I’d lied
When the lights went out, I lay there and cried
I finally fell asleep, but I had an awful dream
I dreamed I was attacked by a pack of green beans

I woke up in the morning and I wiped away my tears
I marched right down the stairs to the fridge to face my fears
I ate a green bean and fell in love right there
I thanked my lucky stars that I hid green beans everywhere
Track Name: Bit Her
Everybody says my sister is so sweet
I’m here to tell you that’s not so
The truth is she’s more than a little bit bitter
I know because I bit her on the toe

She’s sugar and spice and everything nice
Or at least that’s how the story goes
That’s just crazy talk she’s more like dirty socks
I know ‘cause I bit her on the toe

I learned my lesson, a big important lesson
A lesson I think every kid should know
So please kids don’t forget, no matter how hungry you get
Don’t ever bite your sister on the toe

I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes straight
I’ve got 20 minutes left to go
But I wouldn’t dare pout about this timeout
I got it ‘cause I bit her on the toe
Track Name: Rocket Shoes
These rocket shoes are real man, make no mistake
There’s a picture of a rocket ship right on the toe
Bright lights flash with every step I take
The lights blink faster, the faster I go

I fly, I fly, right up in the sky
I run real fast and that lights the fuse
I fly, I fly, way up in the sky
Every time I wear my rocket shoes

They might not look like much to you
But when I wear these shoes, I can fly through the air
If you don’t believe it’s true
I’ll wave next time I’m way up there

Ten, I tie my laces tight
Nine, I then begin to run
Eight, I get my speed just right
Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one

I’ve got the fastest shoes in this galaxy
Next time I take off I’m gonna shoot for the stars
There’s no doubt that I’m gonna be
The first kid ever to land on mars
Track Name: Song About Nothing
I sat down one day with the best of intentions
To write my mom a beautiful song
But by the time I sat down the words got mixed around
Everything came out all wrong

I wrote a song about nothing, a song about nothing
A song about nothing at all
My song went astray but she loved it anyway
It was a song about nothing at all

About a month later I got up on stage
To sing at my hometown talent show
They gave me first prize and all I did was close my eyes
And sing the one and only song I know

I sang the song about nothing, the song about nothing
The song about nothing at all
You should have seen my face when they gave me first place
For the song about nothing at all

It didn’t take more than another week or so
Before fame and fortune came along
Now I sing for boys and girls all over this world
This complete nothing of a song

De do, do, do, de da, da, da
Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Scooby, dooby do, yodel ay he who
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

It’s a song about nothing, a song about nothing
A song about nothing at all
The love is immense for the song that makes no sense
It’s the song about nothing at all